18 Oct

So tasty

Foodlattio [fud~lay~she~oh]

Here’s a list of every baker’s top 10 worst nightmares (in order of frustrating-ness; #10 being the most ‘I’m going to pull my hair out and throw a tantrum and get in a mood with myself and everyone’ frustrating):

  1. Getting all your ingredients together for some late night baking and then finding out your measuring scale has run out of battery
  2. Forgetting to take your eggs and butter out of the fridge to cool down at room temperature
  3. Mistakenly using self-raising flour instead of plain flour
  4. Forgetting to write down the ingredients/measurements for your favourite recipe
  5. Getting oven burnt. Arms: when reaching to get the cake. Fingers: when you can’t find oven gloves and you think you’re SuperBakerWoman and the quicker you take it out then the less pain you will feel
  6. Cleaning up (!)
  7. Stuck-in-the-tin cake because you didn’t grease/flour your tin properly
  8. Burnt cake
  9. Making souffle (according to

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