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Twelve Miniatures for ArtSurprise Project – Acrylic Paintings

15 Sep


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Twelve more miniatures for my seascape series have been completed and scanned for you to view. This time there is a variety of scenes from a boat race to white cliffs all destined for the ArtSurprise project.

Click on the picture for an enlarged view.

You will find more details about the project when you click here.

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Timegemstone Valentine’s Sale!

11 Feb

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New trendy necklace!

11 Jan

New trendy necklace!

New trendy necklace!

Happy 2013!

6 Jan

Happy 2013!

Welcome to two-thousand and thirteen. As one of my friends mentioned the other day, it’s the year that sounds fake. I think quite a few of us are actually surprised we’ve made it this far without at least ONE apocalypse theory coming true. Goodness knows there has been a plethora of them to choose from.

The beginning of a year is generally the perfect time to make some resolutions and set goals, only to crap out on them by the time March comes around.

Just remember: if you keep your goals measurable, you are more likely to succeed and be able to keep yourself accountable. Plus, if you celebrate those successes, however small they are, you will enjoy the journey to those bigger goals that seems so far off now.

With that in mind, what are some of your goals for 2013?

Art from Finland

9 Dec


One of the most celebrated Finnish artists in Finland is definately Hugo Simberg. I somewhat like him too. The most famous pieces of his body of work are probably the ones called Haavoittunut Enkeli and Kaski. Haavoittunut Enkeli is the uppest picture in this post  and Kaski is right belowe it.

Picture Credit

Picture Credit

The Finnish artist I like the most is a bit more contemporary one. Her name is Anna Tuori and belowe this text there is a picture of hers called Fluttering in the Wilderness.

Picture Credit

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24 Nov



Mask,Scrap Metal, 130x90x225cm

Siamese cat, Chrome, 105x65x100cm

Buffalo, Scrap Metal, 100x55x190cm

Cow, Scrap metal, 125x85x195cm

Bird, Scrap metal,90x55x127cm

In these figurative works, Prageeth Manohansa aims to capture the beauty of nature. he breathes life and movement into his sculptural figures, transforming both burnished and rusted heavy metal into warm delightful images of animals.
Prageeth Manohansa “Gods of Metal” exhibition presented in Singapore by Galerie Steph and Saskia Fernando Gallery
( Camera: Nikon D90, 12-24 lens )

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